We provide you a personalized design service that allows you to turn an idea or sketch into an exceptional print design .

From the first initial inquiry, we will guide you through every step of the process where we keep you updated on the design process and make sure we are creating a design as per your specifications.

Our artworks are created by taking into consideration the design, colorways, current trends, budget, and timeframe in mind. We gather as much inspiration as we can in order to create the final artwork design. You can choose to go for a 100% digital design or organic design based on your project requirement.

If the customer wants a more natural and organic look to their designs, the art work will be in watercolor color, acrylic or gouache, ink or charcoal.

All of the artworks begin with a pencil sketch or a digital drawing. Once the designs are hand-drawn they are digitally edited in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator .This depends on whether the client would like to have a raster or vector file.These designer patterns can then be licensed to your company, business, or product.

Digital Textile Design

Traditional hand embroidery services

We also provide bespoke custom-made couture design services using traditional hand embroidery, which are sent to our artisans.

Our artisans  do the Initial sampling that will be shared with you for suggestions and approval. Once we get the approval from the client, we will proceed to the original tracing, dying, and embroidery works on the fabric.

 These are labor intensive and hence would require a minimum 3 months for completion.

You can view some of our artisanal works here

We would love to collaborate and provide you with creative solutions to design something truly stunning for your brand.Feel free to reach us at support@reishas.com for further enquiry