bespoke enquiry


The process always starts with an initial inquiry from the client either by phone or email. At this stage, we will have a brief discussion about your ideas, budget, and vision for your bridal gown. We will walk you through our process at this stage and will send you a questionnaire via email to fill in.
Please feel free to include your ideas, special requests, and also images if necessary. This will give us a clear idea of what you are looking for and will help during the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

This will be a 20 minutes free consultation between the bride and the designer. This time, we will get to know each other more, brainstorm ideas, and get clarity on what to expect during your bespoke bridal dress journey. At this stage, you are free to clear any concerns that you might have in regards to your gown.
After the meeting, if you decide to continue your journey with us, we will invite you for the design consultation.
Design Consultation is the most important part of this process.

Design Consultation

This will be a 40 minutes consultation. Based on the initial consultation a mood board will be created and shown to the bride. This will help us to understand each other and make sure that we are on the same page.We will also discuss the different bridal gown styles with suggestions.
You will be shown the different fabrics available, laces, cost and any additional details that complement the design. Together we can discuss options, brainstorm ideas and come to a conclusion. We would love to hear your opinion and views on the same.Based on the design selected you will be informed of the timeframe required to complete the gown.
 This service is charged and you can take your time to decide if you would like to proceed with your bespoke bridal journey.


Once you have confirmed your design and costs you will receive a digital design proposal. This will contain hand-drawn sketches, inspirational images, and detailed descriptions of your gown.
We will sign a contract with 50% of the price estimate as advance payment .


The right measurements determine the right fit. You are requested to come with the most comfortable undergarments and same height heels you plan to wear on your big day.
Extensive set of 30 measurements are taken for accurate fit. The real work begins from here!

Toile Fitting

This will be your first fit where you can see how your ideas have come together into reality.
For most of our brides, this is a very exciting moment and it gives them a clear vision of their gown.
The prototype of your dress is sewn using fabrics that are similar to your final fabric. This way you can see its shape and style which will give you the best possible preview of what your dress will look like on you. We will also be able to make necessary changes, or alterations required on the toile.
We will create about 3 to 4 fits to ensure that you are achieving your perfect fit before cutting into the final fabric.
Once you are satisfied with the fittings on the toile, we proceed to the final fabric of your choice.

First Fitting

Now that the bride is comfortable and happy with the fit and style of the toile, it’s time to cut the original fabric.
During this fitting session, the bride will get to experience the fit on her original fabric. Minor changes and alterations are still possible at this stage and hence if you have any suggestion, you  are free to inform us at this stage .
We could go for a few more fitting sessions to make sure that the whole process turns out smoothly and you are happy, comfortable and confident in your gown.


Your gown will be ready for collection 1 week before your wedding. All our costs are inclusive and you will only need to pay the remaining 50% of the amount at the time of collection of your gown. Your gown is wrapped in a custom box or garment bag for final delivery.
Have an incredible wedding!