Reishas is a bespoke bridal and evening wear brand that is sustainable, artistic and, made with the focus on ultimate attention to fit. Founded in the year 2010, Reishas has built its brand with an artisanal approach and specially sourced textiles for the making of every single gown.


With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and textiles, we guide you through our design process, right from selecting the design that suits your unique body shape, to choosing the perfect fabric and the complete bridal designing and styling package that meets your budget.

We ensure that our brides are involved in every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the delivery of the most stunning bespoke bridal gown as promised—a moment she will cherish for the rest of her life!


You can read about our bespoke process here!


We are an environmentally conscious bridal brand, well aware of textile waste, which is one of the most serious environmental threats posed by the fast fashion industry.


Our sustainability journey was a gradual process. We focus on mitigating the negative environmental and social repercussions of fast fashion by taking responsible waste reduction measures and doing our part as a sustainable business. We changed our business strategy in late 2011 from keeping excess inventory to made-to-order bridal gowns. 


This made-to-order business model enabled us to deliver exactly as per the need of our customers with the core aim to decrease the overall waste. We purchase our materials in limited quantities and maintain very little inventory where they are displayed as sample pieces for our customers. This not only minimizes the fabric waste and surplus stock, but also enables a more intimate relationship with our suppliers who are socially responsible and certified in sustainability.


Another core value of Reishas is being socially responsible. We bring awareness to our customers of the need to preserve the culture of indigenous communities and their craftsmanship.

To adopt this policy, we work with the artisans in India to preserve this traditional craftsmanship and develop a new market where people can truly appreciate the time and effort, creativity, and skill required in making these unique one-of-a-kind pieces.


Our focus is to expand globally by investing in these rural indigenous communities by paying them above fair wages, protect their livelihoods and well-being. We follow a collaborative business model that highlights and supports traditional craftsmanship.

All of our gowns are custom-made and we create the best design focusing on the intricate details and perfect fit for our brides through our bespoke process.


We ensure our clients enjoy every minute of the process from design to the final construction of their beautiful gown.

From the onset of Covid19, we have had virtual consultations with our clients in designing, styling, and color.


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Sapna Sharon

Founder & Designer

I’m  the founder and designer of Reishas. My interest in creativity and craftsmanship paved way to opening a store in 2010 after the birth of my daughter- ‘Reisha’.

I have been designing bespoke bridal gown  and evening wear for my clients  for nearly a decade. All of my work from design stage to final  construction takes place in our boutique.

 I think a bride should wear what she feels confident and comfortable in her skin and not worry on the trends. In order to achieve the right fit and right choice for our brides, we follow a  bespoke process to achieve the result.

Over the years we have grown from a small retail store to a custom-made sustainable brand  as part of our sustainable policy. 

Feel free to get in touch with us to embark your incredible bridal journey. We would love to have you as our Reishas Bride!