Reishas takes pride in being a sustainable bridal wear brand. We believe in careful consumption and  value thoughtful design by striving to create timeless designs.

Our bridal gowns are designed and sewn taking the wellbeing of our people and planet  into consideration. We care about the process as much as the end result. Bridal  fashion often includes cheap, synthetic materials that cause an  incredible amount of damage and pollution during their production. There are lots of factors that are involved in sustainability. Many a time it is highly difficult to be a 100% sustainable brand. Every single brand has different approaches towards the sustainable practice. We have started it small and we really did come a long way from 2010 and we strive to achieve more in the coming years.

These are some of the ways we follow to attain sustainability.

Careful Consumption

All of our dresses are custom-made., which means  we start the process of constructing your gown only after the order is confirmed. As a bride, this will help you to add your personal touch and make it truly yours.

Through this we aim to create a zero waste design policy and avoid overstocking materials. However, we do have few limited number of sample gowns and fabrics for our brides, which will help them in deciding the type of fabric and style of gown that they would like to go for.

Minimize Waste

We mindfully redesign and recuperates in a circular way.During our cutting phase, the excess fabrics are used for  embellishments on veils and headpieces. We also offer our brides the remaining fabrics to adorn their bouquet or any other wedding favors. 

Fair Wages

We try our best to adopt fair wages to our team and artisans who create beautiful works of art using traditional hand embroidery. We preserve an over a century old exquisite craft and make sure their work is recognized and  are paid fair wages for their effort. We are proud to promote a cultural and sustainable model empowering the local artisans through our sustainable projects and also educate the new millenials of our ancient craft. Click here to see their craftsmanship.

If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve the sustainability in our business, please get in touch at and  we would love to hear your thoughts.